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Rules for 401(K) Withdrawals and Taxable Gifts

This week, Gail answers questions about how 401(k) savings are distributed and when individuals must pay a gift tax. Dear Gail- How are 401(k) savings distributed? Can a person select monthly payout or lump-sum? Dale Dear Dale- The short answer: it depends on what distribution option your […]

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Real estate tax hikes possible alternative to meals taxes, officials say

Real estate tax hikes likeliest alternative to meals taxes, officials say Officials in Henrico and Chesterfield counties are pushing hard to get voters to back meals taxes – in Henrico a 4 percent rate with an expected yield of about $18 million per year and in Chesterfield […]

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USDA Loans – 100% Financing – No Money Down Home Loans

USDA Loans – 100% Financing – No Money Down Home Loans USDA loans a.k.a Rural Development Loans are true 100% financing loans to help families in the USA realize their dreams of home ownership. Share this video: For more helpful USDA loan tips, subscribe to our channel […]

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Get Real About Real Estate for Your IRA

This week Gail examines the many potential pitfalls of investing IRA money in rental property. Dear Gail- The real estate market here in southern California has started to cool off, but I have to believe this is just temporary. There’s a limited amount of land out here […]

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10 Things Your Financial Planner Won’t Tell You

There are 650,000 people out there calling themselves financial planners. But when you factor in trustworthiness and experience, the list gets a lot shorter. Here’s what to watch out for. 1. “I got this gig on a whim.” Continue reading….

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Home sale closing costs increasing in Collier, Lee

Bankrate’s annual survey compared loan origination fees and third-party fees – such as appraisals and credit checks – and found Florida is the ninth most expensive in terms of closing costs, up from the 20th most expensive last year. Subscribe to read the full story Current Subscribers […]

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Get Started: Your Financial Planning Checklist

Get Started: Your Financial Planning Checklist – Forbes (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Financial planning is one of those topics that leads to a condition known as MEGO. That stands for “my eyes glaze over.” After all, who wants to worry much about spending wisely and saving? We work […]

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Leaving Some Americans in Hot Water

When interest rates dipped in recent years, adjustable-rate mortgages, or ARMs, became a popular home-buying tool. In the time since, however, interest rates have begun to climb and now many Americans are facing payments beyond their financial means. Click here to visit’s Real Estate page. Continue […]

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Financial Planning 101 Introduction | Financial Management | Personal Finance Money Management

How do you make your life better? get more control? protect your family? Create a personal financial plan. Start here! We all want to know how we are going, and what we can do do improve our money management and personal finance. Continue reading….

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Empty Title

U.S. Home Foreclosure Filings Rocket 53 Percent in June Continue reading….

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