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Hidden Home Theater Design Continue reading….

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My Home Automation

A project I’ve been working on in my spare time (more info below) Thank you for all of the Likes and comments! To answer most of your questions I am currently working on a website that will give some details of the apps and methods that I […]

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Wireless Home Security Systems

http://frontpointsecurity.linktrackr.com/youtube Wireless home security systems offer superior protection – ADT, FrontPoint Security and Protect America are the leading wireless home security systems providers. However, by the end of the this video, you will learn why FrontPoint Security is clearly the winner when it comes to wireless home […]

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Florida Disaster Preparation Event

September is National Preparedness Month to raise awareness and encourage Americans to prepare for emergencies. Most American families lack an emergency plan in case of a natural disaster. Be prepared and have a plan of action. Check out this article and pass it along to your friends […]

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SuperHouseTV #2: Arduino-Controlled Home Automation Switchboard

The automation switchboards in my house have Ethernet interfaces thanks to an EtherTen (just like an Arduino Uno, but with built-in Ethernet and PoE) mounted inside. This episode shows the switchboard internals, including how the EtherTens switch output loads around the house. Continue reading….

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How many speakers does a home theater need?

Stereo home theaters can sound awesome, some go all the way and use eleven speakers, but the single speaker sound bar is fast becoming the most popular option. (Credit: Steve Guttenberg/CNET) Up until recently the classic, five-speaker home theater setup, with three front speakers — left, center, […]

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Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

Insurance may be necessary, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our money reporter Stacy Johnson has been giving us ways to save on insurance all month. Today he explores homeowners insurance. Continue reading….

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EcoFocus: Lutron’s energy-saving motion sensor lights

I’m here with Melissa from — time and way to save some money in the home with some — tell — about you guys — showing — this year. Can’t wait until we’re actually selling our kids got — — — — and everybody’s trying. Save money […]

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Whole Home Audio Demonstration + Setup Overview

Timeline: – 0:00 – 10:20 The demonstration – 10:30 – 14:47 The setup In this video, I demonstrate the whole home audio system I’ve setup in my house. The system is powered by Apple’s Airplay technology and uses the Airport Express router to wirelessly stream content from […]

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State Farm charges far more than rivals to cover Dallas area homes

State Farm charges far more than rivals to cover Dallas area homes – Dallas Morning News AUSTIN – State Farm Insurance is charging by far the highest premiums among the 32 insurance companies selling homeowners policies in the Dallas area, even as Texas’ largest property insurer continues […]

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